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1-2The use of clumping bamboo has become widely popular over the years due inner city living and the need for privacy. Strategic planting of some bamboo varieties can create a lush backdrop to even the smallest of gardens, providing a screen from tall buildings and boundary fences, and privacy from neighbours. We have a selection of our recommended bamboo varieties in our display garden.

Bamboo can be classified under either running or clumping varieties.

While the running or spreading varieties are fast growing, sending out a number of underground rhizomes each producing many culms; the clumping bamboos are slower growing producing only a single culm (or vertical cane) per rhizome. Running bamboo are best planted in large troughs or pots or surrounded by root guard (600mm deep) if planted in the ground, to create an instant screen or feature.

1Clumping bamboo can take several years to establish, and for that reason we specialise in advanced specimens that are predictable with respect to maximum size and shape. There are hundreds of bamboo varieties, some stunning species which can be all too tempting to buy, but unfortunately, a large number of these varieties are too tropical and defoliate during our winters. We have trialled and tested the bamboo we recommend so that you can be sure you are buying a plant that will only look better as it gets older.

Bamboo creates an excellent screen and can also be used individually as focal points throughout the garden giving your garden that exotic Balinese or tropical theme.

Our bamboo is grown in Adelaide for Adelaide conditions.

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